Fairmount’s Fire Prevention & Permits division deals with building site plans and permits. Plans are reviewed to insure public safety as well as our own. We review each plan and verify that they include proper fire lanes, Knox boxes, fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire hydrants, and standpipes. Permits are granted once all plans meet fire protection guidelines.

The Fire Prevention & Permits division also enforces state and local codes involving fire safety and prevention, reviews all building plans, performs inspections for all new construction and remodeling of buildings, except one- and two- family dwellings, and conducts annual building inspections of existing public, commercial, and residential dwellings.

Need More Information?

Please feel free to contact our Fire Marshal for more information about documents, permits and fees and any other questions you might have.

Robert Ipatenco – Fire Marshal

Phone: (303) 279-2928 ext. 107

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